Welcome to Perpetual Solutions

At Perpetual Solutions, We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the most prominent service provider. The Perpetual Solutions provides services to reduce your cost of operation and implement all safety practices under one roof. Our Services include Energy Audit, Safety Audit, Process Safety Management, Waste Minimisation, Process Troubleshooting & operational excellence as well as assistance in implementing the proposed solutions. Since last many years we have continuously embarked an epitome of successful renditions to medium & large size corporate businesses. While working continuously towards upgrading our people and infrastructure to match with the next level of economy we have also worked hard on the best Service advancements and efficient management. Over the period, we have served prominent corporate, on a solutions based platform specific to need based solutions. As we move forward with our credentials and knowledge source, we would like to take you towards the journey of our learning’s which has made us today the most competitive partner of choice by the various Industrial organisations. We pursue the objective of sustainable developement by indetifying scope, reccomending appropriate solutions and implementing them by engineering in following fields :

1. Energy Conservation

2. Environment Protection

3. Safety Systems

4. Process Troubleshooting